Seven after-school meal ideas for childminders

Seven after-school meal ideas for childminders

When you’re doing the school run, or if a child’s parents are working late, you might be asked to provide meals for the children in your care. Cooking for kids can be tricky and striking a good balance between creating meals that are both healthy and interesting isn’t always easy.

If you’re regularly cooking on the job it’s a good idea to have a variety of recipes up your sleeve, which is why we’ve picked out some of our favourite after-school meal ideas for children.

Pasta twirls with sausage, tomato and mushroom sauce

This recipe is ideal for childminders as the cooking time is fairly short and the recipe includes a variety of vegetables, keeping the meal healthy for kids (and you if you’re feeling a bit peckish!)


You also have the option of preparing this meal in advance and heating it up when needed, which will save you time and help you avoid being away from the kids for too long.


View the recipe here.


Mini cheeseburger pies

Kids will love these small, bitesize alternatives to traditional cheeseburgers. They’re a classic meal with a twist and are lighter on little tummies.


The recipe has quite a long cooking time, but when it comes to fun, comfort food, we think it’s worth the wait.


View the recipe here.


Chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets are a favourite with children, and this recipe is a healthy alternative to the classic. By preparing the meal yourself and using fresh, quality ingredients, you can create a staple dish for kids, without the not-so-healthy bits.


Again, this one has one of the longer preparation times on this list, but creating something children will be excited about makes up for the extra time in the kitchen, right?


View the recipe here.


Kids’ omelette (V)

Omelette is a great option for kids as it’s quick to make and is a light meal, while still filling enough to keep the little ones going.


It’s a handy one to have in your childminding cookbook as you can switch up the fillings to add variety and make sure the children don’t get bored.


View the recipe here.


Kids’ favourite pasta bake

This classic dish is a favourite on every quick recipe list. Not only is it hearty and filling, but because you’re making it from scratch using fresh ingredients you can ensure it stays healthy, without compromising on taste.


For added ease, you can prepare in advance and simply warm it up when those little tummies start to rumble.


View the recipe here.


Mini biscuit pizzas

These mini biscuit pizzas will add some fun to meal times, while providing a healthy treat for children by using fresh ingredients. This recipe has a relatively short prepping time, taking around 15 minutes, followed by seven to ten minutes for cooking.


It can even double up as a fun learning activity if the kids help you prepare the pizzas by doing things like adding their chosen toppings.


View the recipe here.


Apple-cheddar grilled cheese (V)

Most hungry little ones love a grilled cheese sandwich, but the great thing about this recipe is that it’s a delicious way to sneak pieces of fruit into the food of fussy eaters.


And if you want to switch up the original recipe you can try different fillings, such as ham or tomatoes.


View the recipe here.


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