Our fantastic Fish Freebies

As a policyholder, you’ll benefit from access to our library of Fish Freebies. These free, downloadable childminder documents include contract templates and attendance sheets.



Accident records

Monthly planners

Medical sheets

Attendance records


Childminding contracts

Before you start minding a child, make sure you and their parent/guardian/local authority know where they stand - with a legally binding contract. Use this handy, detailed and yet easy to complete contract. Keep things official and you minimise the risk of disputes, protecting yourself and those you care for.

Child records

Ensure you hold relevant and up-to-date information on every child in your care. Our handy Child Record forms give swift, easy access to medical details, emergency contacts and more.


Print off your own professional receipts so you and those paying for your services have a record of payments made and received.

Monthly planner

Get yourself and your staff organised by jotting your appointments and reminders on our month-to-view planner.

Weekly attendance records

Keep track of who you care for and by logging their names, ages, daily arrival and departure times and total hours of care provided

Children under your care

Document your young charges, the contact details of their parents/guardians, GP information and when you started and ended providing care.

Medication & treatment

If children in your care need receive medication or treatment, it’s vital you know and record when, what and how much should be administered and log when and which staff administer.

Daily checklist

We know keeping children safe is your top priority, and our daily health and safety checklist will help you identify and eliminate any potential hazards that curious minds and fingers might find.

Reading log

Are you sitting comfortably? Use our reading log to record the stories you’re reading with children, keep parents up-to-date with their child’s progress, and note the books they just can’t put down.

Activity chart

Use our weekly activity chart to track and review how every child is progressing in key areas. You can share with parents and it’s a great way to teach children about working hard to achieve different goals.

Shanarri chart

Inspectors want to see how well you’re making sure you’re “Getting it Right for Every Child.” Use our handy chart to share the activities and events which meet the eight SHANARRI wellbeing indicators.

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